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Now's the time to focus on the goals and aspirations that brought you to the School of Dentistry. It's OK to let the little (& not so little) things wait until after graduation. Daily lattes, fancy bikes and traveling are GREAT, but WAIT until you have that steady income. Try to remember, you're still a student so get creative and find ways to enjoy it!
2016 DDS & DH ADEA Debt Management for Loan Repayment

ADEA's educational debt management PowerPoint presentations designed specifically for upcoming dental and dental hygiene graduates in the Class of 2016.

DDS Class of 2016

DH Class of 2016

College Affordability Guide's Financial Aid Resources

College Affordability Guide has out together a comprehensive guide to financial aid, including federal aid, public and private loans, grants, payment plans, and more, including information for many different types of students (undergrads, grad students, returning veterans, etc.).

Funding Your Dental Education

Liz Holm from the Office of Student Finance gave a presentation to the incoming DDS students at the 2015 Orientation:  Attached is Liz Holm's powerpoint presentation to help guide students on making smart financial aid choices. 

ADEA's Class of 2018 Loan Interest PowerPoint

ADEA is pleased to provide you with a Loan Entrance Interview PowerPoint presentation designed specifically for incoming dental students in the Class of 2018.

Financial Literacy

July 9, 2014: SOD Office of Student Affairs held a Financial Literacy Lunch and Learn for DDS, DT, and DH students with presenters Liz Holm, financial aid counselor for the health sciences, and Mark Galarneau and Brittany Rams from OneStop Student Services.

If you were unable to attend the presentation, it has been recorded and is available on mediasite.

Click here for the handouts and the presentation slides.

Topics covered:

  • Student loan interest rates, origination fees
  • Borrowing limits & knowing how much to borrow
  • Repayment programs & grace periods
  • Spending plans
  • Credit scores & credit reports
  • Campus financial advising resources

If you have any questions about your student finances, now as you plan what to borrow from your loan offer or anytime throughout the year, contact one of the support personnel on the Financial Resources Handout. We're here to help!

Debt Defying Acts

 Erik Ziegler cropped



Erik Ziegler, DDS Class of 2014 and president of Student Council, shares some insight on making smart money choices.




The more you know...

ASDA debt article

ADEA 2014: Financing a Dental Education

Learn about recent changes in financial aid and loans, how to control the cost of dental school and how to prepare for repayment after graduation.

Presenter: Paul S. Garrard, ADEA Senior Advisor for Student Financial Services.

ADEA financial advice for new students

In this six-part series, ADEA independent student loan consultant Paul Garrard presents financial aid advice for prospective dental students.

 Help with Housing  

housing picSure there are lots of fancy new apartment buildings just steps away from Moos Tower but can you really afford it? Be smart and check out all your options first like off campus housing. They can help you find much more affordable options in the cities, in the suburbs, by a park... give them a price range and a move in date and they'll help you find what you're looking for. 

Food for Thought

fresh foodPlan ahead by going grocery shopping! Here's a few tips: Make a list, cut coupons or look for sales, don't hoard -buy only what you need, pack your lunch (when there's no LnL) & eat before you shop! More tips from webMD.

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