We in the Office of Student Affairs are happy to answer any questions you may have. Stop by and see us in 15-106 Moos Tower.
Everyday things
Courses and Education
  • Where do I go to check my class schedules?

    Class schedules page is linked in the Current Students intranet. (x500 needed)

  • When are summer breaks?

    Students can find scheduling information on the Academic Calendar at the bottom of the page on the school’s website or in the Current Students section.

  • What happens if I cannot attend a scheduled exam?

    Please review the attendance policy.

  • Who should I contact regarding disability accommodations?

    Start the process of arranging testing and other disability accommodations through Disability Services. The School of Dentistry contact is Tim Kamenar: 612-626-9761 or kamen001@umn.edu

  • What are the dental elective courses available to the D3s and D4s?

    Some of the dental elective courses are:
    Dr. Zidan’s CAD/CAM elective
    Dr. Madden Oral Pathology Rotation
    Honors Periodontics Class

    A list is available on the current students web site: http://www.dentistry.umn.edu/current-students/dds-electives/index.htm
    Be sure to check your email as course directors send out notifications via class list serve for those who are interested in participating.

  • Can I attend CE courses?

    Continuing Dental Education lecture programs are free of charge during the rest of your senior year! This is an excellent opportunity for you to learn about topics and problems that you are interested in as an extension of your regular dental education. As you probably know, dentists and dental hygienists are required to participate in continuing education programs regularly in order to maintain their licenses. This is a great chance to become acquainted with the continuing education process and to network with oral health professionals from the region.

    How does it work?

    Select the courses you would like to take and drop off the registration form at the Continuing Dental Education Office (6-406 Moos Tower). Students are registered on a space-available basis. If you register at least one week in advance of the program you select, Continuing Dental Education will provide you with a free lunch and parking for the day. Registrations cannot be accepted on the day of the program. Additional registration forms and course listings may be obtained from the Continuing Dental Education Office on the 6th floor of Moos HS Tower.

    Once you are registered, you must submit your request for an absence at least 10 days in advance, through mydentapps.

    DENTAL STUDENTS: If you have a patient or rotation scheduled, find a substitute student to cover your clinic block and submit a Clinic Block Schedule Change Request form to Clinical Systems (Kathy Hughes, 8-440 Moos Tower). DDS Students may apply for CDE course participation to be excused by submitting your absence request in myDentApps as a Student Selective.
    DENTAL HYGIENE STUDENTS: You may be excused to attend CDE programs, although absences will not be excused during previously scheduled clinic sessions.
    DENTAL THERAPY STUDENTS: You may be excused for up to 2 clinical sessions to attend CDE programs.

    All students must retain the certificate of completion and bring a copy to the Office of Student Affairs within two weeks of the CDE course in order to receive credit of your personal time.

  • What are the requirements for making the Dean's List?

    To be on the "Dean's List" you must achieve a GPA of 3.667 or higher. This special designation is then noted on your transcript which is important for the purposes of post doctoral applications. Please see Lucy Hartel with additional questions in 15-131.

Clinic and Competencies
  • How many weeks of outreach are required to graduate?

    Currently, dental and dental therapy students are required to complete an optimal 6-8 weeks of outreach prior to graduation. Dental hygiene students are required to complete an optimal 11 weeks of outreach prior to graduation.

  • Can we request which site to go to?

    Students are asked to complete a Mandatory Outreach Questionnaire prior to starting the Outreach course. The questionnaire addresses any known and/or approximate dates for planned absences (including time off needed for post-doc program interviews). Students are also asked to list any special considerations and to give reason for any special request.

  • Which rotations should I complete before my outreach experience?

    For DDS and DT students it is not required to complete all rotations prior to going on outreach, however, completing Pediatric rotations (and Oral Surgery for DDS) may enhance and better prepare you for your outreach experience.

  • What if I don't have a car?

    Some students arrange a carpool with other students at the same outreach site.

  • Do any outreach procedures qualify as a competency completion?

    Endodontic procedures completed on outreach clinics may qualify for competency requirements. You must fill out the blue endo assessment form available in the 8th floor Endo Office.

  • What if I am sick at an outreach location?


    In the event of illness or family emergency during your Outreach block/rotation, you must:

    • Contact the Outreach Clinic site ASAP after the illness or family emergency is known.
    • Submit a “same-day absence notice” through myDentApps.
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