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Student groups and organizations

    American Academy of Developmental Medicine and Dentistry (AADMD) Student Chapter

    Group Description:
    The American Academy of Developmental Medicine and Dentistry (AADMD) was organized in 2002 to provide a forum for healthcare professionals who provide clinical care to people with neurodevelopmental disorders and intellectual disabilities (ND/ID). Our mission is to improve the quality of healthcare for individuals with neurodevelopmental disorders and intellectual disabilities.

  • AAPD

    American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) Student Chapter

    Group Description:
    AAPD- U of Minnesota student chapter. For those who are interested in treating pediatric dental patients in general practice or for those who wish to pursue a specialty in pediatric dentistry.


    American Association of Public Health Dentistry

    Group Description:
    Our group is a student chapter of the American Association of Public Health Dentistry which is a national professional dental specialty organization. The goal of this chapter is to further education and awareness among the students at the School of Dentistry regarding public health dentistry.

  • ADA

    American Dental Association, see MN ASDA for student group chapter.

  • ADEA

    American Dental Education Association.  For student chapter click here.

    Group Description:
    American Dental Education Association for Students (DDS, DH, DT Students)

  • AQUA HealthCare

    AQUA HealthCare, an AHC interprofessional QI (quality improvement) group.

    Group Description:
    A student group devoted to serving as a central hub to unite elements of QI across the U of MN and the broader healthcare community in the Twin Cities. Working to achieve these ends through education, policy, and concrete projects in a clinical setting. Seeking to create collaboration through interdisciplinary efforts uniting multiple schools in the AHC as well as in engineering and design.

  • ASDA

    American Student Dental Association.  For student chapter see MN ASDA.

    Mission Statement

    “The American Student Dental Association is a national student-run organization that protects and advances the rights, interests, and welfare of students pursuing careers in dentistry. It introduces students to lifelong involvement in organized dentistry and provides services, information, education, representation and advocacy.”

  • Center for Global Health Student Advisory Board

    Center for Global Health Student Advisory Board, an AHC committee.

    GHSAB is a committee of student representatives from across the Academic Health Center (AHC). This student board works collaboratively to define the global health related priorities of students across the AHC, and advises CGHSR on various topics that are brought to the board for review. Additionally, this group promotes student initiatives and opportunities for learning within global health systems.

  • CHIP Executive Council

    CHIP, an AHC interprofessional group. 

    Group Description:
    The CHIP Executive Council is comprised of students who are elected to represent their class from a school or program within the Academic Health Center (AHC). We meet at least once a month to develop events and programming to bring all future health care providers together to learn more about one another's professions.

  • CMDA

    Christian Medical and Dental Student Association

    Group Description
    We believe we can honor God by how we live our lives--how we study, how we relate to our peers/fellow students, our families and friends. We believe God calls some of his followers into the practice of dentistry and medicine. In CMDA, we affirm the goodness of your studies and your calling. We provide opportunities for a change of pace--intentional times away from the work of school to provide balance in the midst of your schedule and fellowship among fellow students. We seek to help you nurture your relationships with God, other Christians, and your non-Christian friends.

  • Dental Therapy Student Association

    Dental Therapy Student Association

    Group Description:
    We are a group of Dental Therapy students and alumni at the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry. Our goal is to increase awareness of Dental Therapy by creating a name for ourselves at the University and within the community.

  • HSDA

    Hispanic Student Dental Association

    Group Description:
    The purpose of this Association is to:

    • Provide a voice for Hispanic oral health professionals and students, at all levels, in the United States.
    • Promote the oral health of the Hispanic community through improved education, prevention and treatment.
    • Foster research and knowledge concerning Hispanic oral health problems and disseminate this information to both Hispanic dental professionals and to the dental community at large.
    • Communicate research findings on Hispanic populations to various agencies and the public.
    • Stimulate interest and encourage entry of Hispanics into oral health careers.
    • Promote a viable academic and social environment and to contribute to the welfare of Hispanic dental students.
    • Develop and maintain the Hispanic culture within the university.
  • I-HEAL

    I-HEAL, an AHC interprofessional group regarding alternative medicine and healing.

    Group Description:
    I-HEAL connects health professional students who share an interest in exploring ways to expand our understanding of health and healing. We seek to find ways in which allopathic (Western) medicine and complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) can enrich and grow from each other. A large number of health care consumers use at least one type of CAM. I-HEAL is an opportunity for us as health care students to explore different CAM modalities and learn how they can augment our patients' health treatment plan. In addition to professional enrichment, IHEAL provides students interested in CAM the opportunity to connect with like-minded colleagues and explore our own well-being. IHEAL ALSO serves as an informational source on CAM issues and advocacy for the AHC.

  • MDA

    Minnesota Dental Association.  See also MN ASDA for student chapter. 

  • MOHC

    Minnesota Oral Health Coalition

    The Minnesota Oral Health Coalition (MOHC) is a statewide membership organization dedicated to improving the oral health of Minnesotans by broadening and developing stakeholder engagement and collaboration. The MOHC works to raise oral health to its rightful place within overall health, while solving oral health problems affecting all Minnesotans. - See more at:

    Visit our website to join today!


    MN ASDA.  See also Minnesota Student District Dental Society.

    Group Description:
    The American Student Dental Association is a national student-run organization that protects and advances the rights, interests and welfare of students pursuing careers in dentistry. It introduces students to lifelong involvement in organized dentistry, and provides services, information, education, representation and advocacy.

  • MSRG

    Minnesota Dental Student Research Group.  See also MSRG.

    Group Description:
    The MSRG is a dental student research group that promotes evidence based dentistry and scientific research.

  • PNC

    Phillips Neighborhood Clinic student group, or website. An AHC interprofessional free clinic.

    Group Description:
    Phillips Neighborhood Clinic (PNC) is an interdisciplinary student-run clinic located in the Phillips Neighborhood that provides health care services to men, women, and children of all ages.

    Tony Diggs Excellence Awards:

    • 2014 People's Choice Award
    • 2013 Outstanding Graduate or Professional Student Group of the Year
    • 2012 Outstanding Graduate / Professional Student Group

    Promoting Recognition of Identity, Dignity, and Equality (PRIDE) in Healthcare. An AHC interprofessional group.

    Group Description:
    PRIDE in Healthcare is a registered student organization for the University of Minnesota's graduate-level health sciences students who are devoted to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) health and closing LGBTQ health disparities. Our main goals are to improve the conditions of healthcare for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) people and for those who may not identify as LGBTQ but who do not have strictly hetero-normative sexual practices, sexual orientation, or gender identity to increase quality and quantity of LGBTQ content in medical education to raise awareness of LGBTQ health disparities and their causes while cooperating with professionals and community members to eliminate them to provide a social forum for LGBTQ/allied students and professionals in the health sciences.

  • PSG

    Professional Student Government (formerly GAPSA).  A UMN interprofessional group.

    Group Description:
    To advocate for, represent, and inform Professional Students at the University of Minnesota.

    Tony Diggs Excellence Awards:

    • 2006 Outstanding Program

    Student American Dental Hygienist Association

    Group Description:
    Organization for Dental Hygiene Students. Developing skills in professionalism, communication, community outreach and engagement are core values of the profession. SADHA supports and provides opportunities for current students in dental hygiene to develop skills and experiences in these areas.

  • SAGD

    Student Academy of General Dentistry

    Group Description:
    The Student Academy of General Dentistry (Student AGD) is the Minnesota student's counterpart to the national Academy of General Dentistry, which exists as a convening of general dentists and aspiring dentists seeking to provide optimal care for the communities they serve.

  • SOD Student Council

    University of Minnesota School of Dentistry Council of Students

    See also the StuCo Executive Board

    Group's principal activities, events, or programs:
    The purpose of the Council of Students shall be to provide service and leadership to the School of Dentistry students, clubs & organizations as a non-profit representative governing body.

  • Sports Dentistry Club

    Sports Dentistry Club

    Group Description:
    The sports dentistry club educates dental school students, including DDS, DH, and DT, about prevention of oral athletic injuries and treatment of related trauma. The groups focus will be mouth guard fabrication, treatment of traumatic injuries, and pertinent research in oral medicine.

  • Student Web Site

    School of Dentistry student managed web site

  • Tau Sigma Military Dental Club

    Tau Sigma Military Dental Club

    Group Description:
    The Tau Sigma Military Dental Club seeks to promote oral health in the Minneapolis community, to welcome new military-sponsored students into the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry, and to participate in fund raising initiatives for Minneapolis area homeless veterans.

  • Union Gospel Mission

    Union Gospel Mission

    Union Gospel Mission offers free dental care

    Thousands have found help at the Mission’s dental clinic. Program participants and the general public all receive free, professional dental care allowing them to concentrate on bettering themselves instead of the pain associated with dental problems. Now, that’s a reason to smile!

  • WDA

    Women's Dental Association at the University of Minnesota

    Group Description:
    The University of Minnesota Women's Dental Association is here: - To serve, empower, and uplift the women in our community - To educate ourselves and others about social/cultural issues that affect women - To focus on awareness, gaining insight, promoting compassion, and enhancing ones personal growth as a health professional and ultimately as a human being.

  • Wilderness Medicine Student Interest Group

    Wilderness Medicine Student Interest Group, and AHC Interprofessional group.

    Group Description:
    The Wilderness Health Society is a group promoting safety and good health practice in the back country and with all outdoor activities. We deal with emergency situations in the outdoors and expose students to year round wilderness activities.

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