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  • Mock Manikin Sept 6 & CRDTS Typodonts

    Hello D3 and D4 students!  The Mock Manikin exam on September 6th and CRDTS are quickly approaching. Please review the letter sent by Jan Filkins on how to be prepared.

  • 2015 Postdoctoral MATCH program now accepting applications


    Now accepting applications. Please click on the following for more information:

    MATCH Announcement

    MATCH Dates to know

    MATCH application instructions

  • AHC Student Health Benefit Plans are changing

    If you are enrolled in the Academic Health Center Student Health Benefit Plan (AHC-SHBP), you should have received a message notifying you that the plan is being discontinued in Fall 2014. Find more information about these changes at:

    To waive the benefits this Fall simply access the "Health Plan Coverage" link on All waiver requests for AHC students can be made online for fall semester 2014; there will no longer be a paper form.

    Contact One Stop directly at 612-624-1111 if you have additional questions.

  • Now accepting applications for the Maria Pintado Scholarship

    Interested in public health dentistry or practicing in an underserved area? Consider applying for the Maria Pintado Scholarship. The application attached is due May 30, 2014.

  • Meet your disability insurance rep at Star of the North

    If you're planning to attend the 2014 Star of the North Meeting on April 24th – 26th, your University-Sponsored Disability Insurance Plan Guardian Representative will be located at booth 232.

    If you any questions about the University-Sponsored Disability Insurance Plan, or if you have not met your Guardian Representative, please do not hesitate to stop by booth 232. Your representative is looking forward to meeting you and answering any questions you may have.

    For more information, your University-Sponsored Disability Insurance Plan Guardian Representative can be contacted at:

    Dustin Peltier

  • 10 days notice needed for planned absences from clinic

    All Students in Clinic Beginning Summer 2014

    Part of our current attendance policy is that planned absences must be submitted 10 working days in advance. Right now, that part of the policy is not enforced. Please note that the Office of Student Affairs and Clinic Scheduling will begin enforcing the 10 day requirement at the beginning of summer semester in May 2014. At that time, all planned absences (i.e., any time you know in advance that you will be absent from clinic, either for excused absences or personal sessions) must be submitted at least 10 working days in advance or your request will be denied.

    Why are we starting to enforce this requirement? We’ve seen an increase in the number of last minute schedule changes this year, which is challenging for our clinic schedulers and, ultimately, inconvenient for our patients. Let’s work together to keep this process running smoothly and efficiently. Please see Sara Johnson with questions or feedback.

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