Christine Blue

Christine Blue

Academic Title

Associate Professor, Program Director
Division of Dental Hygiene
Department of Primary Dental Care


Dental Hygiene, BS, Old Dominion University, 1978-1979
Dental Hygiene, MS, Old Dominion University, 1979-1980
Other Education
Dental Hygiene, GDH, University of Minnesota, 1976-1978 - Pre-Dental Hygiene, Bethel College, 1975-1976

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Office Address

9-372 Moos Tower
515 Delaware St. SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455

Bio Statement

Dr. Blue is a graduate of the University of Minnesota dental hygiene program. She earned her bachelor’s and master’s degree from Old Dominion University. Dr. Blue recently completed a doctoral degree from A.T. Still University. Dr. Blue has been in dental hygiene education for over 30 years. She began her career as a dental hygiene educator at Normandale Community College. In 1994, she joined the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry faculty and became the Director of the Division in Dental Hygiene in 2005. In 2013, Dr. Blue was promoted to Ms. Associate Professor with Tenure. Dr. Blue continues to be active in the classroom, teaching in both undergraduate and graduate dental hygiene students.

Ms. Blue has been very active in the American Dental Education Association serving as the chair of the Section on Dental Hygiene and chair of the Council of Allied Program Directors. Dr. Blue co-led the creation and implementation of dental therapy at the University of Minnesota. She was a member of the Minnesota Oral Practitioner Workgroup that was appointed by the Minnesota legislature to advise the Commissioner of Health on recommendations and legislation pertaining to the training, scope of practice and supervisory levels for dental therapy. Dr. Blue has authored numerous peer-reviewed journal articles on dental therapy in Minnesota. Her area of research continues to be in the area of emerging alternative force models and dental delivery.

Research Interests

Dental Therapy

Oral Health Disparity

Reducing Parental Risk-Related Behaviors of Early Childhood Caries

Periodontal Endoscope 

Educational Development:

Developed an interactive, self-instructional CD-ROM on Head and Neck Anatomy for dental and dental hygiene students.

Teaching and Administration:

Division of Dental Hygiene

Teaching Responsibilities
DH 3228: Ethics and Jurisprudence

DH 4234: Leadership and Professional Development

DH 5405: Curriculum and Course Design

DH 5411: Administrative Leadership and Professional Development


Distinguished Dental Hygiene Alumnus, University of Minnesota School of Dentistry, 2008

ADEA Allied Dental Faculty Leadership Developmental Program, 2008

Michael J. Loupe, Teacher of the Year Award for Excellence and Innovation in Dental Education, 2001

Second Place, Instructional Computing in Dentistry Competition, American Dental Education Association, 2001


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Books/ Book Chapters:

Blue CM. Chapter 3: Anatomy and Physiology. Mosby’s Comprehensive Review of Dental Hygiene, 7th edition, Mosby Inc, St. Louis, 2010. M. Darby, Editor.

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Blue CM. Head and Neck Anatomy for Health Professionals, Unit I: "Osteology of the Skull." A self-instructional CD-ROM module. University of Minnesota, Division of Dental Hygiene.

Blue CM. Head and Neck Anatomy for Health Professionals, Unit: II "Muscles." A self-instructional CD-ROM module. University of Minnesota, Division of Dental Hygiene.

Blue CM. Head and Neck Anatomy for Health Professionals, Unit III: "Cranial Nerves." A self-instructional CD-ROM module. University of Minnesota, Division of Dental Hygiene.



Head and Neck Anatomy on CD-ROM

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