Karen Decker

Karen Decker

Academic Title

Assistant Education Specialist
TMD and Orofacial Pain Program
Department of Diagnostic and Biological Sciences


Physical Therapy, BS, University of Minnesota, 1970
Other Education
Enrolled in MS Program in Clinical Research, University of Minnesota School of Public Health, 2005-present

Contact Info




Office Address

6-320 Moos Tower
515 Delaware St. SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455

Bio Statement

Licensure, State of Minnesota physical therapy license, #900

Ms Decker has provided clinical physical therapy interventions in the treatment of temporomandibular disorders within the School of Dentistry since 1991. Ms Decker also serves as adjunct faculty in the Program of Physical Therapy providing instruction in the anatomy, pathophysiology and treatment interventions for TMD. She is a APTA certified clinical instructor for the Program in Physical Therapy and provides clinical opportunities to physical therapy students in training. Among her other interests is instructing dental professionals in neck and back care. She looks forward to completing her Masters of Science degree in Clinical Research in the near future.

Research Interests

Teaching interests:

Physical therapy treatment for temporomandibular disorders

Body mechanics for the dental professional

Research interests:

Iontophoresis treatment for joint and muscle pain

Therapeutic interventions for TMD

Role of postural interventions for headache pain

Title/PI, Funding Agency, Role, Dates (status)

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