Patient Data Storage Project

Patient Data Storage Project

The Patient Data Storage Project (PDSP) focuses on transitioning from paper and other non-electronic sources of patient data to secure electronic formats. This includes eliminating automatically generated patient chart requests, scanning specific information from paper charts, and discontinuing the creation of paper charts for new patients.

For questions and help please contact Paul Andersen at, call him at 5-1495, or stop by Dental IT at 16-205 Moos. 

Project Timeline

April, 1 2013: Project Steering Committee Appointed

May 13, 2013: Comprehensive Care Clinic chart delivery canceled

October 28, 2013: Chart delivery and creation discontinued for most specialty clinics

November 4, 2013: Continue work with select speciality clinics and other departments 

Clinic Status

Paperless as of October 28 (no longer creating or automatically delivering paper records):

  • Comprehensive Care Clinics
  • Predoctoral Prosthodontics
  • Graduate Prosthodontics
  • Predoctoral Pediatric
  • Graduate Pediatric
  • Predoctoral Endodontics
  • Graduate Endodontics
  • Oral Pathology
  • Oral Surgery (Predoc and Resident)
  • Predoctoral Periodontics

In Progress (will be paperless by end of 2013):

  • Oral Surgery Private Practice
  • Graduate Periodontics
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