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Wettability and Surface Free Energy Measurement

Wettability and Surface Free Energy Measurement

The Wilhelmy Balance is an instrument that measures the interaction between liquids and solids. It can be used to estimate the energy of solid surfaces - high energy surfaces are required for good adhesion and low energy surfaces may be better able to resist bacterial adhesion and plaque formation. The Wilhelmy balance is used as a tool to analyze the surface properties of newly developed materials.

Recently, Dr. Conrado Aparicio introduced a new Contact Angle Meter that measures the contact angle at which a liquid/vapor interface meets at a solid surface derived from interfacial tensions. Measuring the contact angle of a water droplet on a given surface is a quick and easy way to evaluate hydrophobicity and cleanliness. Other physical properties, such as surface energy, adhesion, wettability and repellency, may be determined.

Contact Angle Meter

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