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About MinnCResT

About the MinnCResT Program


The Minnesota Craniofacial Research Training (MinnCResT) Program’s mission is to train the next generation of independent investigators exploring questions in craniofacial, dental, and oral health research.

The MinnCResT Program is a multidisciplinary, regional center of excellence. Located on the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis campus, MinnCResT trainees pursue novel research that is 1) fundamental to biology and human health and (2) applied to expand the frontiers and scope of dental, craniofacial and oral health. Opportunities are provided for interdisciplinary research training with an acclaimed, interdisciplinary mentor faculty in well-supported labs and programs.

Program Goals

MinnCResT Program trainees work across disciplines and discover unrecognized fundamental pathways and mechanisms, as well as stratified relationships between molecules, organisms, people and their environments and societies. Trainees collaborate with their mentors to write an annual report. The mentor submits an annual report to the Steering Committee, describing progress, performance, and a summary diary of mentoring of the trainee. Reports and trainee programs are reviewed and approved by the Steering Committee to ensure compliance with mission. Minnesota is committed to identify, recruit, and guide able students from minority and underrepresented groups. By attaining individuals from underrepresented groups, minority scientists will be progressively better represented in the national research effort, adding to the intellectual and creative diversity of our nation's scientists.

Program Administration

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