Salad Potluck 2007

As temperatures outdoors soared, the diners indoors stayed cool as cucumbers. Faculty and staff from around the school gathered on Wednesday, July 25th, for the 3rd annual Salad Potluck & Luncheon.

If diners could not find anything to eat on display in the 9th floor north conference room, then they weren't looking very hard. There were various kinds of tasty salads, hearty breads, juicy melons, crisp snacks, and scrumptious desserts. Upon filling a plate (or two) with tasty morsels the group gathered in the 9th floor reading room to dine leisurely while mingling with colleagues and sipping on cool lemonade or ice water.

The KIT Committee planners wish to thank everyone who participated. We hope you enjoyed yourselves as much as we did. Our biggest fear is that we will have 50 people show up and 2 bags of potato chips.

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