Simulation Clinic Featured In "Driven to Discover " Television Ad

A film crew of 35 was in the School of Dentistry Simulation Clinic for 9 hours on August 22nd to film a 30-second “Driven to Discover” television ad that is reaching 80% of the state during morning and evening newscasts. The School of Dentistry’s new simulation clinic was selected as one of only four Uof M programs/projects to be featured in the University’s 2007 television advertising campaign. Dean Patrick Lloyd was the School of Dentistry's on-air spokesperson, third-year dental student Rania Habib had a speaking role, and 16 dental students took direction as ‘extras’ working in the background on the advanced simulation equipment.

Minneapolis-based Olson Agency developed the innovative “Driven to Discover” brand and then built an advertising campaign around it called “We are all search engines”. The campaign has a unique “search bar” look and message for billboards, print ads, television & radio spots, and an on-campus “floor slick” promotion. A floor-slick featuring the School of Dentistry’s TMD research program was placed in the tunnel between the Washington Ave. Ramp and Moos tower.

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note: the school of dentistry ad is the second in the series

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