Our mission

We strive to achieve the highest quality of care for patients with TMD, orofacial pain and dental sleep medicine conditions. This involves an interdisciplinary team to help patients achieve their highest level of jaw function and movement, while reducing orofacial pain utilizing state-of-the-art treatment techniques.

Dentist's Role
  • Comprehensive orofacial evaluation (head and neck examination, intraoral evaluation, joint examination and radiographs, dental screening).
  • Splint (occlusal devices) therapy, sleep apnea intraoral devices, medication management, occlusal consultation and adjustment.
Physical Therapist's Role
  • Comprehensive musculoskeletal evaluation of the jaw and neck including measurements of mobility, strength, coordination, and postural alignment.
  • Physical therapy treatment includes interventions such as therapeutic modalities and procedures to rehabilitate the TMJs and masticatory system. It involves self-care management, joint protection techniques, therapeutic exercises, postural correction, and manual therapy.
Health Psychologist's Role
  • Behavioral and psychological evaluation (health styles, pacing, stress, coping mechanisms, emotional distress).
  • Instruction in oral habit management, stress management and pain coping strategies, brief cognitive therapy regarding life style change, general health habit changes and mood, relaxation, hypnosis, biofeedback.
  • Health and lifestyle evaluation (diet and sleep).
Other Services
  • Consultative relationships with oral surgery, neurology, otolaryngology, sleep physicians, physical medicine & rehabilitation, rheumatology, and chronic pain management.
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