The Master of Science in Dental Hygiene program prepares dental hygienists who will research and discover new knowledge that will enhance the education of dental hygiene students and the vitality of the healthcare industry and improve the oral health of out society.

In 2014 the education track will be delivered on campus and online through a combination of face-to-face classroom methods and computer-mediated learning activities. This format will provide access to dental hygiene professionals outside the Twin Cities area who wish to pursue graduate education. A two-week campus visit will be required for the didactic and clinic student teaching practicum. The management track is delivered on campus in the School of Dentistry and Carlson School of Management.

Prerequisite: students in both the management track and dental hygiene education tracks who have not taken an undergraduate descriptive/inferential statistics course will be required to do so prior to entry or prior to taking the required statistics course.

The total number of credit hours required for completion of the Master of Science in Dental Hygiene Degree Program is 37-38 credits for either the thesis or the non-thesis option.

Required Courses for Management and Education Tracks
  • Core courses (9 cr.)

    Students in both the Management and Dental Hygiene Education tracks take the following core courses.

    DH 5401 Research Methods in Health Sciences 2 cr.
    DH 5407 Instructional Strategies 2 cr.
    DH 5411 Administrative Leadership and Professional Development 1 cr.
    Graduate level statistics course
    Either EPsy 5261 Introductory Statistics 3 cr. or PubH 6414 Biostatistical Methods 3 cr.
    PubH 6673 Grant Writing 1 cr.

Management Track Courses
  • Required Courses (9 cr.)

    MBA 6030 Financial Accounting 3 cr.
    MBA 6210 Marketing Management 3 cr.
    MBA 6220 Operations Management 3 cr.

  • Management Elective Courses (8-13 cr.)

    Not inclusive; see Carlson School of Management for a full list of courses.

    MBA 6300 Strategic Management 3 cr.
    ENTR 6020 Business Formation 4 cr.
    HRIR 8031 Staffing, Training, and Development 4 cr.
    MKTG 6051 Marketing Research 4 cr.
    MILI 6235 Pharmaceutical Industry Business and Policy 4 cr.
    MILI 6078 Information Technology in Healthcare 2 cr.

  • Thesis/Capstone Project (10 cr.)

    Students in the management track are required to complete either a thesis or internship and capstone project or internship and MBA elective.

    2 options:

    1. DH 5201 Management Internship (5 cr.)
      DH 5203 Capstone Project (3 cr.)
      MBA Electives (13 cr.)
    2. DH 8773, 8774, 8775, 8776, 8779 Thesis (10 cr.)
      MBA Electives (8 cr.)
Education Track Courses
  • Required Courses (17 cr.)

    DH 5403 The Discipline of Dental Hygiene 2 cr.
    DH 5405 Curriculum and Course Development 2 cr.
    DH 5409 Dental Hygiene Clinic Administration 2 cr.
    DH 5413 Dental Hygiene Supervised Clinical Student Teaching 3 cr.
    DH 5415 Dental Hygiene Supervised Didactic Student Teaching 1 cr.
    DH 5410 Principles of Educational Measurement 2 cr.


    1 of 2 options

    1. CI 5351 Technology Tools for Educators 3 cr.
    2. CI 5325 Designing and Developing Online Distance Learning 3 cr.
  • Thesis (10 cr.)

    All students in the educational track are required to complete directed research and thesis.

    DH 8773, 8774, 8775, 8776, 8779 Thesis (10 cr.)

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