Prospective students

Prospective Students

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All students in the graduate program major in Oral Biology and pursue a minor in a related basic science such as neuroscience, biophysics, physiology, biochemistry or microbiology (many other minors are also offered). Graduate level courses, tutorials and laboratory experiences are offered under the direction of Oral Biology Graduate Faculty. Students also participate in a weekly seminar. Depending on the academic background of the student, prerequisite courses may be necessary before undertaking advanced level course-work. Research leading to the MS degree or the PhD degree will be conducted under the supervision of a member of the Graduate Faculty in Oral Biology. Research rotations in faculty laboratories are available to aid in selecting a research advisor. In conjunction with the advisor, the student develops a research project and selects appropriate coursework for the research area.

The time taken to complete a degree program varies from student to student. As a general guideline, the MS Program requires 2-3 years and the PhD program requires a minimum of 4 years.

Combined Studies

For students holding the DDS degree, it is possible to obtain clinical specialty training concurrently with graduate studies in Oral Biology. All requirements for the clinical program must be satisfied independently of training in Oral Biology. Concurrent training will increase the total time required to complete the PhD program.

Who May Apply

The Graduate Program in Oral Biology welcomes a diverse pool of applicants. International students are very welcome to apply.  Applicants for the graduate program must satisfy the requirements of the Graduate School, which will include either a bachelors (BA or BS) degree or a DDS or equivalent. Dental hygienists completing a bachelor's program are encouraged to apply. Applicants who fulfill these criteria may apply to either the MS or PhD program. In general, successful applicants to the MS program will have work experience in a strong research setting. The MS is not required to apply for the PhD program.

How to apply

Application is made through the Graduate School. Application instructions may be found here.

All applicants must address their research interests and potential advisors in their application.  Applicants do not need to contact faculty directly. Program staff are happy to help determine who the best advisor might be for each applicant! Please contact us at 612-626-4483 or

Applications are accepted for Fall semester enrollment only. See Application Information for deadlines.

The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is required. Students whose first language is not English must also submit TOEFL scores as part of the application. Applicants to the DDS/PhD program may submit a recent DAT score in lieu of the GRE.

Test results are not the sole focus of the application committee and low test scores do not automatically preclude admission. Strong applicants will have TOEFL IBT scores above 90 and GRE scores at or above 500V (153 in new system), 600Q (148 in new system), and 5.0 writing. Test scores alone are not enough to warrant an offer of admission.

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