Tobacco Cessation

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Tobacco Use Cessation Program

The use of tobacco products is an important concern for the dental profession. Studies have shown that oral health care professionals can be very effective in helping their patients stop using tobacco. When dental professionals assist their patients with tobacco use cessation, they eliminate an important causative/contributing factor for a number of oral conditions, including cancer. Smoking is also a major risk factor for periodontal diseases.

By assisting their patients with tobacco use cessation, dental professionals can improve the outcome of dental treatment and at the same time add years and quality to their patients' lives.

Training in tobacco use cessation intervention should begin in dental and dental hygiene schools. Our didactic and clinical components of the Tobacco Cessation Program at the School of Dentistry allow our students to become knowledgable about and comfortable with helping their tobacco using patients. This web is designed to support the above mentioned program.

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