Course Completion and Graduation Information

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Course Completion & Graduation Information

Evaluation, Retention and Promotion

Student performance is evaluated through written, oral and practical examinations, observation of clinical performance, and course assignments. In addition, students must exercise their clinical responsibilities with discretion and display concern for the dignity and importance of patients. Scholastic committees review each student's grades and course progress at the end of each semester, evaluate achievement and personal conduct, and make recommendations to the Office of Academic Affairs on a student's status and promotion. A 2.00 GPA is required for promotion between academic years; a passing grade is required on all prerequisite coursework before students are permitted to begin patient care. Students are expected to learn professional behaviors outlined in the student conduct code (see the School's Student Handbook) and may be dismissed from school for disciplinary and/or scholastic reasons.


Dental licensure requirements vary depending upon where you practice, but there are three common requirements: an educational requirement, a written examination and a clinical examination. Graduation from an accredited dental school fulfills the educational requirement. All 53 licensing jurisdictions in the U. S. recognize the "National Board Dental Examination" and most graduating dental students elect to take this examination. The National Board written examination is offered on the Minneapolis campus. Although some states offer their own clinical examinations, most states participate in one of four regional boards. Students may take any licensure examination appropriate to the location in which they choose to practice.

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