Retention and Promotion in the DDS program

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Retention and Promotion in the D.D.S. Program 

  1. For purposes of retention and promotion in the School of Dentistry, the grades A, B, C, D (with pluses and minuses) and S are passing grades. The grades F, N, and I are not passing grades. Students who receive I grades are expected to meet with the faculty immediately and make arrangements to complete the incomplete coursework. I grades that remain unresolved for more than one term may be changed to F at the discretion of the faculty.
  2. In order to be promoted from year to year, or to graduate, a student must have: a) received passing grades in all required courses, b) earned a grade point average of at least 2.0.
  3. Any student with a grade point deficiency of 16 or more honor points* at the end of any term will be dismissed from the dental school, but will be given the option of withdrawing.
  4. Students with grades of F or N or grade point averages below 2.0 are placed on academic probation until the deficiencies are resolved.
  5. Students must receive passing grades in all preclinical lecture and laboratory courses before they are assigned adult patients for comprehensive care.
  6. Students must take advantage of opportunities for remediation to resolve I, F, or N grades before the beginning of the following academic year. If prompt remediation is not possible, the faculty member who is responsible for making opportunities for remediation, should discuss the student's situation with the appropriate class committee.
  7. Each Student Scholastic Standing Committee is charged with the responsibility for making decisions regarding retention and promotion of students in their classes. The chairs of the class committees will meet quarterly with the Directors of Educational Research, Planning and Development, and Enrollment Management to review the actions of their committees.
  8. The performance of students taking courses in more than one year of the curriculum will be reviewed by each of the appropriate Student Scholastic Standing Committee. The Director of the Office of Academic Affairs and the Promotions Committee are responsible to coordinate the motions and recommendations of each of the scholastic standing committees prior to communication with the student.

* Honor points = credits x grade value (A=4, A- =3.67, B+ = 3.33, B=3, B- = 2.67, C+ = 2.33, C=2, C- =1.67, D+ = 1.33, D=1, D- = 0.67, F=0) summed over all courses. An honor point deficiency exists when total honor points are less than the sum of credits taken x 2.

Leave of Absence
A leave of absence from the School of Dentistry, not to exceed one year, may be granted to a student in good standing (not on scholastic probation and with no pending unsatisfactory grades). "Application for a leave of absence is made at the Office of Admissions, University of Minnesota, 15-234 Malcolm Moos Health Sciences Tower, 515 Delaware St. SE, Minneapolis, MN 55455 (612)625-9945.

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