Biomaterials and Biomechanics Cluster Faculty

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    Biomaterials and Biomechanics Cluster Faculty
  • conrado aparicio


    Conrado Aparicio
    Surface modification of metals for dental implants and other biomaterials; biomineralization of synthetic materials and tissues; biomimetic systems and synthetic materials for biomedical applications; regeneration of hard tissues; synthetic peptides and self-assembly

    Ralph Delong


    Ralph DeLong
    The Virtual Dental Patient - patient specific, accurate 3D representations of articulated upper and lower jaws and their relative movements; clinical measurement using 3D digitizing and computer graphics; robotics and its application to simulation of an artificial oral environment

    Alex Fok


    Alex (Siu-Lun) Fok
    Shape optimization of dental restorations; characterization of biomaterials; statistical analysis of brittle failure

    Thomas Larson


    Thomas Larson
    Restorative care research; developing clinical guidelines and best evidence for clinical procedures, materials and restorative prescriptions for care; esthetic materials, procedures and techniques


    Paul Olin
    Associate Professor
    Division of Prosthodontics
    Department of Restorative Sciences

    Jorge Perdiago


    Jorge Perdigao
    Electron microscopy;dentin bonding; clinical behavior of resin-bonded restoration; bonded fiber-reinforced resin posts; dental whitening

    Maria R Pintado


    Maria Pintado
    Pathogenesis of abfractions; toothbrush biomechanics; correlate clinical and in vitro data through the transfer of new state-of-the-art technology into the clinical setting; Virtual Dental Patient software developed by Dr. Ralph DeLong; "Tooth Explorer - A Digital Environment for Teaching Oral Anatomy"

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