Bone Biology and Craniofacial Development Cluster Faculty

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    Bone Biology and Craniofacial Development Cluster Faculty
  • Mansur Ahmad


    Mansur Ahmad
    Tissue engineering; mineralization of hard tissues; angiogenesis; radiation biology; temporomandibular joint imaging

    Gary Anderson


    Gary Anderson
    Temporomandibular disorders, orofacial pain, occlusion; cleft and craniofacial anomalies; evidence-based dentistry


    Soraya Beiraghi
    Professor and Director
    Division of Pediatric Dentistry
    Department of Developmental and Surgical Sciences

    Heather J Conrad


    Heather Conrad
    Implant screw mechanics; sinus grafting for implants; implant impression techniques; all ceramic crown materials and properties; virtual-reality based technologies

    Nanci De Felippe


    Nancy De Felippe
    Craniofacial orthodontics; nasoalveolar modling and orthodontic treatment of patients with cleft lip and/or palate; orthodontic diagnosis and treatment planning; rapid maxillary expansion; qualitative research methods applied to orthodontics; public health concerns in orthodontics

    Raj Gopalakrishnan


    Raj Gopalakrishnan
    Transcriptional regulation of osteoblast differentiation and mineralization; effects of parathyroid hormone on osteoblasts; regulation of BMP signaling in bone formation; regulation of BMP signaling in craniofacial development

    Thorsten Gruenheid


    Thorsten Grünheid
    New technologies in orthodontics; structure-function relationship of muscular systems in the craniofacial area; adaptation of the masticatory system to varying functional demands; cellular responses to mechanical stimulation during orthodontic tooth movement

    Pamela Hughes


    Pamela Hughes
    Sjogren's Syndrome; bisphosphonate-related osteoncecrosis; clinical outpatient oral and maxillofacial surgery; temporomandibular joint disorders


    Mohammed Islam
    Assistant Professor
    Division of Oral Medicine and Diagnosis
    Department of Diagnostic and Biological Sciences


    Eric Jensen
    Research Assistant Professor
    Department of Diagnostic and Biological Sciences

    Brent Larson


    Brent Larson
    Associate Professor
    Division of Orthodontics
    Department of Developmental and Surgical Sciences


    Kim Mansky
    Bone biology and bone cancer; osteoimmunology; bone metabolic disorders associated with HIV infection and antiretroviral therapy

    Michael Rohrer


    Michael Rohrer
    Bone/dental implant integration;evaluation of bone grafting materials;evaluation of bone growth enhancing strategies;oral mucosal diseases; precancerous mucosal conditions

    Wook-Jin Seong


    Wook-Jin Seong
    Mechanical properties of jaw bone using various techniques including nano-indentation; fiber reinforced bone cement development; quantification of bone density using various diagnostic tools; implant stability measurement tests and bone/implant interface analyses; animal study and clinical trials on dental implants and bone replacement materials; device fabrication using MEMS (micro-electro-mechanical systems);computer simulation of immediate implant loading and distraction osteogenesis; dental materials/ Prosthodontics study

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