Oral Health Disparities and Community Health Cluster Faculty

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    Oral Health Disparities and Community Health Cluster Faculty
  • Sheila Riggs


    Sheila Riggs
    Chair, Oral Health Disparities and Community Health Cluster
    Chair, Department of Primary Dental Health

    Muriel Bebeau


    Muriel Bebeau
    Processes involved in ethical decision-making (sensitivity, reasoning and judgment, commitment, and actions) and their role as determinants of ethical behavior.

    Christine Blue


    Christine Blue
    Variation in evaluation of chart documentation among dental hygiene clinical instructors; ability of dental hygiene students to self-assess their interpersonal communication skills; learning styles of dental hygiene students; comparing traditional lectures vs. computer based instruction for Head and Neck Anatomy

    David Born


    David Born
    Division of Community Oral Health
    Department of Primary Dental Care

    Mike T John


    Mike T. John
    Temporomandibular disorders; oral health-related quality of life

    Naty Lopez


    Naty Lopez
    Developing a comprehensive approach to recruitment and retention of a diverse student body via inclusion of non-academic factors in student admissions and holistic review of applicants; recruitment of underrepresented minority and American Indian students to dental school; peer to peer mentoring relationship among dental students; knowledge of and perceived cultural competency of dental students; career aspirations of minority students; health seeking behaviors of immigrants


    Karin Quick
    Application of decision theory in dentistry and ethics; educational processes, hidden-curriculum, and relationship-centered care.

    Karl D Self


    Karl Self
    Clinical Assistant Professor
    Director, Division of Dental Therapy
    Department of Primary Dental Care

    Daniel D Skaar


    Daniel Skaar
    Dental service utilization in the elderly; impact of drug therapies on dental service utilization.

    Paul Schulz


    Paul Schulz
    Outreach opportunities for DDS/Hygiene students; promoting exchange student programs; dental access partnerships

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