Orofacial Pain and Neuroscience Cluster Faculty

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    Orofacial Pain and Neuroscience Cluster Faculty
  • David A Bereiter


    David Bereiter
    Central nervous system mechanisms of craniofacial pain; influence of sex hormones on pain sensation; trigeminal nerve physiology and anatomy

    Darryl Hamamoto

    Darryl Hamamoto
    Antihyperalgesic effects of cannabinoids; tumor-evoked cancer pain; electrophysiological responses of spinal neurons and primary afferent fibers to nociceptive stimuli; animal models of muscle pain; myofascial pain of the masticatory muscles

    Sergy Khasabov


    Sergei Khasabov
    The development of pain sensitization and hyperalgesia; effects of the descending antinociceptive pathways from the brain on spinal processing of pain.


    Iryna Khasabova
    Research Assistant
    Department of Diagnostic and Biological Sciences

    Donald Nixdorf


    Donald Nixdorf
    Epidemiological aspects of tooth pain association with dental procedures, especally root canal therapy; functional imaging of chronic orofacial pain conditions


    Keiichiro Okamoto
    Research Associate
    Department of Diagnostic and Biological Sciences

    Donald A Simone


    Donald Simone
    Neural encoding of pain and hyperalgesia; pain transmission: peripheral nerve and spinal cord; chronic pain mechanisms; cannabinoids and pain

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