Jill L. Stoltenberg, BSDH, MA, RF

Associate Professor Emeritus, Department of Primary Dental Care

Jill L. Stoltenberg

Contact Info


Office Phone 612-625-5651

University of Minnesota (Restorative Functions), 2006

MA, University of Minnesota (Adult Education), 1986

BS with Distinction, University of Minnesota (Dental Hygiene Education), 1976

RDH, University of Minnesota (Dental Hygiene), 1975


Jill Stoltenberg, BSDH, MA, RF holds the position of Associate Professor Emeritus in the Department of Primary Dental Care at the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry. She has devoted her career to a blend of teaching, research and clinical practice. Her current teaching responsibilities include undergraduate and graduate courses. Clinically, she instructs dental, dental hygiene and Master’s level students. She has conducted research in the area of periodontal disease and disease risk, and currently mentors Master’s level dental hygiene students with their research, as well as the development of their clinical and didactic teaching skills. Her clinical teaching expertise includes skill assessment and evaluation.

Professor Stoltenberg is an invited speaker for dental, dental hygiene and continuing education courses and has earned several teaching awards. She served as clinic director of the dental hygiene division for many years, rebuilding the clinical program to include evidence-based clinical protocols and optimal experiences in student skill development and competency. Her interest in establishing access to dental care in communities of need led to the establishment of Health, Etc. neighborhood clinic, H.C. Andersen school dental clinic, as well as service on the quality assurance committee for Open Cities Dental Clinic in St. Paul. She has served as a consultant to 3M and Procter & Gamble and reviewer for the Journal of Dental Hygiene.

As a member of IADR and ADEA, Professor Stoltenberg has participated in a variety of organizational activities as well as serving as the School of Dentistry’s representative to ADEA’s Council of Faculties. She is a member of the Minnesota Dental Hygienists’ Association, has served on various MDHA committees, chaired the Education and Research Council and been a delegate at annual session.

Her experience as a clinical dental hygienist includes general and specialty practices, including Hospital Dentistry. She enjoys treating patients with special needs, has taught in the Cleft Palate Clinic at the University of Minnesota and volunteered her services treating HIV/AIDS patients in Uganda. She currently practices in the School of Dentistry Faculty Practice Clinic.

Awards & Recognition

  • 2014 Century Club Professor of the Year
  • Distinguished Dental Hygiene Alumnus
  • Outstanding Dental Hygienist Service Award
  • Instructor of the Year Awards
  • Sigma Phi Alpha Honor Society


Research Summary/Interests

Clinical dental hygiene, caries prevention and management, periodontal therapy, product evaluation


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