Isha Mutreja, PhD, MSc

Research Assistant Professor, School of Dentistry

PhD, Biomedical Engineering, Ulster University (United Kingdom)

MSc, Nanoscience, Amity University (India)



Research Funding Grants

Department of Defense (PROP 2019); ‘‘Bioinspired Acellular Strategies to Optimize the Skin-Implant Interface of Osseointegrated Devices”; ($749,999) [Key Personnel]

University of Otago Research Grant Application (UORG 2017); ''3D breast tumor models for drug discovery; ($36684) [Named Investigator]

COE Strategic Research Grant 2014; ($3000) [PI and Principal Researcher]

Biomolecular Interaction Centre Flagship collaborative grants; Osteogenic differentiation of stem cells using Bioimprinted Surfaces ($3000) [PI and Principal Researcher]


Adhesive for Osseointegrated Percutaneous Devicses (Provisional Patent Application submitted)


A novel methacrylate derivative polymer that resists bacterial cell mediated biodegradation, Dhiraj Kumar, Debarati Ghose, Isha Mutreja, Robert D Bolskar, and Robert S Jones. 2021 (Journal, DOI: Submitting). 

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