Naty Lopez, PhD, MEd

Associate Professor, Department of Primary Dental Care

Naty Lopez

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Office Phone 612-625-7477

Office Address:
15-163 Moos Tower
515 Delaware St. SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455

Associate Professor, Department of Primary Dental Care

Assistant Dean of Admissions and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, School of Dentistry

PhD, University of Pennsylvania (Health Professional Education), 1990

MEd, University of the Philippines (Guidance and Counseling), 1985

BS, University of the Philippines (Nursing), 1972

Higher Education Resource Certificate -- Leadership in Higher Services (HERS) Summer Institute Education, 1999


Dr. Lopez is a nurse and counselor by training and has worked in various countries in the Pacific and East Asia prior to her coming to North America. She completed her doctoral studies at the University of Pennsylvania in health professions education and served in the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine as Assistant Dean for International Relations, Co-Director of the Program for Advanced Standing Students (PASS), Co-Director of the World Health Organization (WHO) Collaborating Center for Oral Infectious Diseases: Education, Research and Care, and counselor to minority and international students.

As Assistant Dean for Admissions and Diversity at the U of MN School of Dentistry, she created recruitment programs for underrepresented minority, rural, and disadvantaged students. Dr. Lopez received funding from the Health and Human Resources HRSA for the “Building Bridges to a Dental Career” program, a health career opportunity pipeline program and the Early Decision Rural Dentistry Track program through the MN Department of Health/HRSA.


Research Summary/Interests

Developing a comprehensive approach to recruitment and retention of a diverse student body:

a. Inclusion of non-academic factors in student admissions
b. Holistic review of applicants
Recruitment of underrepresented minority and American Indian students to dental school
Peer to peer mentoring relationship among dental students
Knowledge of and perceived cultural competency of dental students
Career aspirations of minority students
Health seeking behaviors of immigrants



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Selected abstracts:

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Board Certifications

Higher Education Resource Certificate 1999 -- Leadership in Higher Services (HERS) Summer Institute Education