Alvin G. Wee, DDS, PhD, MPH

Professor, Department of Restorative Sciences

Alvin G. Wee

Contact Info

Office Phone 612-301-6668

Fax 612-626-1496

Office Address:
9-470 Moos Tower
515 Delaware St. SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455

Professor, Department of Restorative Sciences

Director, Division of Prosthodontics

PhD, University of Nebraska, 2014

DDS, Creighton University, 2013

MPH, The Ohio State University, 2005

MS, University of Iowa, 1997

BDS, National University of Singapore, 1992

Certificate in Clinical Research, The Ohio State University, 2002

Certificate in Maxillofacial Prosthetics, University of Pittsburgh, 1998

Certificate in Prosthodontics, University of Iowa, 1996


Dr. Wee’s professional career started at The Ohio State University (OSU) College of Dentistry in 1998, where he was promoted to Associate Professor with tenure in 2004. His academic career continued at the University of Nebraska Medical Center as Director of the Division of Oral Facial Prosthetics, Department of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery and then at Creighton University as Director of Maxillofacial Prosthodontics. In 2014, he accepted a position at the Veterans Affairs Nebraska-Western Iowa Health Care System in Omaha, Nebraska. He was Assistant Dental Service Chief and Dental Laboratory supervisor. He joined the University of Minnesota in 2019 as a tenured Full Professor.

Dr. Wee has received research funding as principal investigator (NIH R15 and NIH K23) and co-investigator (NIH R01 and VA RR&D) from the National Institutes of Health, Department of Veteran’s Affairs, as well as several other agencies. Dr. Wee has authored more than 90 peer-reviewed publications and several textbook chapters.

His service responsibilities include holding the following offices: (1) Honorary Treasurer for the International Academy of Oral and Facial Rehabilitation, and (2) Vice President Elect of the American Academy of Maxillofacial Prosthetics. He also sits on the Board of Directors for the American College of Prosthodontists (Director of the Division of Education and Research), American College of Prosthodontists Education Foundation and the International Society of Maxillofacial Rehabilitation. Dr. Wee is currently an Assistant Editor of the Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry, Associate Editor for the Journal of Otolaryngology – Head & Neck Surgery. He has been invited to present more than 100 presentations both nationally and internationally on various aspects of dentistry. As part of his faculty practice, he currently treats patients with complex oral rehabilitation needs, one day a week, at the Minneapolis VA Health Care System.

Awards & Recognition

  • Department of Veterans Affairs, National Recipient of the Clinical Excellence in Dentistry Award winner, 2017
  • Omicron Kappa Upsilon, National Dental Honor Society, 2017
  • Fellow, International College of Dentists, 2013
  • Fellow, ADEA Leadership Institute, 2006
  • Mentored Patient-Oriented Research Career Development Award (NIH K23), 2006-2012
  • Ruth L. Kirschetein National Research Service Award (NIH T32), 2002 to 2003
  • Claude R. Baker Teaching Award for Excellence in Teaching Predoctoral Fixed Prosthodontics, American Academy of Fixed Prosthodontics, 2003
  • Third Place, OSU Fisher College/Deloitte Touche Business Plan Competition, 2002
  • Clinical Instructor of the Year, The Alpha Omega Professional Dental Fraternity, 2000
  • Student Government Teaching Award, OSU College of Dentistry, 2000
  • Honored Hooder, OSU Graduating Dental Class, 1999
  • Rotary International Foundation Multi-Year Ambassadorial Scholarship, 1994 to 1996
  • National University of Singapore Dental Society, Silver Jubilee Award, 1991


Research Summary/Interests

  • Clinical translational aspects of color science with regard to teeth/skin and their respective restorative materials
  • Early detection of oral and oropharyngeal cancer
  • Educational research in the area of restorative dentistry and prosthodontics


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