Ignatius K. Lee, DDS, MS

Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Restorative Sciences

Ignatius K. Lee

Contact Info


Office Phone 612-625-3240

DDS, University of Minnesota, 1984

MS, University of Montana (Microbiology), 1980; MS, University of Minnesota (Operative Dentistry), 1987

University of Minnesota (Biochemistry), 1978


Awards & Recognition

Instructor of the year award (3rd year dental class) - 1997


Research Summary/Interests

  • Human plaque pH telemetry studies
  • In-vitro studies on various materials used in Operative Dentistry
  • Clinical studies on various procedures used in Operative Dentistry


Igarashi, K., Lee, I., & Schachtele, C. F. (1988) Effect of Chewing Gum Containing Sodium Bicarbonate on Human Interproximal Plaque pH. J. Dent. Res. 67:531-535.

Igarashi, K., Lee, I., & Schachtele, C. F. (1989) Comparison of in vivo Human Dental Plaque pH Changes within Artificial Fissures and at Interproximal Sites. Caries Res. 23:417-422.

Igarashi, K., Lee, I., & Schachtele, C. F. (1990) Effect of Dental Plaque Age and Bacterial Composition on the pH of Artificial Fissures in Human Volunteers. Caries Res. 24:52-58.

Chang, H. K., Lee, I., Hill, E., & Zidan, O. (1991) Acid Etched Bridges: A Recall Study. J. Pros. Dent. 65:778-781.

Zidan, O., Ross, G., Lee, I. , Gomez-Martin, O., Yeh, S. T. (1991) The Effect of Dentin Pre-treatment and Heat Augmented Cure on Marginal Gap Formation of a Dentin Bonding Agent. Dent Mater 7:174-178

Lee, I.K. & Schachtele, C.F. (1992) Effect of gum chewing following food ingestion on the pH of interproximal dental plaque. Quint Inter 23(7):455-459. Lee, I.K., DeLong, R., Pintado, M.R. & Malik R. (1995) Evaluation of factors affecting the accuracy of impressions using Quantitative surface analysis. Operative Dentistry 20:246-252

Perdigao, J, Geraldeli, S, Lee, I. (2004) Push-out bond strengths of tooth-colored posts bonded with different adhesive systems. Amer J of Dentistry 17(6):401-403



  • Operative Dentistry III, Course Director
  • Operative Dentistry I and II, Instructor
  • Operative Dentistry Clinic, Instructor