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Credits and Documentation 

Professional Development Credit and Documentation

The Minnesota Board of Dentistry's continuing education credit requirements are 50 hours per biennial cycle for dentists; and 25 hours per biennial cycle for dental hygienists and licensed dental assistants. Continuing education credit may be earned in three categories of credit:

  1. Fundamental credits are earned when activities are directly related to the provision of clinical dental services. (All hours may be earned in fundamental activities.)
  2. Elective credits are earned when activities are directly related to or supportive of the practice of dentistry, dental hygiene or dental assisting. (The maximum number of hours in elective activities per biennial cycle is 20 hours for dentists and 10 hours for dental hygienists and registered dental assistants.)
  3. Core competency credits are earned in the following areas:
      • record keeping,
      • ethics,
      • patient communication,
      • infection control,
      • management of medical emergencies, and
      • diagnosis and treatment planning (optional for dental hygienists and dental assistants).

Two core competencies are required each biennial cycle. Core competency credit is also considered fundamental credit since it is an activity directly related to provision of clinical dental services.

For your convenience, the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry has identified which continuing education courses will meet the Minnesota Board of Dentistry core competency requirements. See our courses eligible focore competency credit.

Find information on your professional development portfolio and required continuing education credit documentation

Programs from past continuing education courses offered through the School of Dentistry's Continuing Dental Education program are available by request. Please contact us at (612) 625-1418, (800) 685-1418 or cdeumn@umn.edu to request a copy of a program.