Risk Management Through Record Keeping: Applying Minnesota’s Minimum Record Keeping Standards

This course will help you lower your malpractice risk by showing you how to create a dental record that includes an accurate representation of patient assessment, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up.
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This course will focus on Minnesota's legislative Rule 3100.9600 on recordkeeping, which clearly defines the minimum necessary content of the dental patient record in Minnesota. Included in the course are examples of record keeping systems that are organized in a way to satisfy the minimum recordkeeping requirements.

Learn How To

  • Understand the rationale for Minnesota’s minimum dental record keeping standard found in Minnesota’s legislative Rule 3100.9600
  • Recognize the minimum essential requirements for a dental patient record
  • Assess common record keeping errors
  • Identify the purpose of the dental record
  • Understand the concept of informed consent
  • Recognize the components of a well written progress note
  • Evaluate your record keeping system and conduct a record keeping self audit 

Training Methods

Electronically mediated: illustrated lectures, case studies

Additional Resources

Minnesota Administrative Rule 3100.9600 Record Keeping

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3 hours

Minnesota Credits

3 Fundamental Credit Hours

Includes CORE Subject Areas:

  • Record Keeping

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Original Author

Richard P. Madden, DDS, Adjunct Associate Professor, Department of Restorative Sciences, University of Minnesota School of Dentistry.

Revised in 2018 by 

Richard D. Nadeau, DDS, MPH, Director, Division of Comprehensive Care; Clinical Professor, Department of Primary Dental Care; Director, Clinical Treatment Planning, University of Minnesota School of Dentistry. 

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There is no time limit for completing this course; however, we do recommend you complete the course within three weeks from the day you begin

Original release date: 2003. Date last reviewed: 2018. Expiration date: December 2021.

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