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The Graduate Program in Oral Biology is offered by the University of Minnesota’s Graduate School and is hosted by the Department of Diagnostic and Biological Sciences in the School of Dentistry. 

Moos Tower

The Graduate Faculty in Oral Biology hold appointments in many schools and departments across the University and offer a wide range of expertise in various disciplines within oral biology. Training leading to the MS and PhD degrees is designed to provide students who seek academic and research careers with a broad understanding of the development, structure, function, and pathology of the orofacial region.

Advanced coursework and research emphasizes more specialized areas of interest including, but not limited to, biomaterials and biomechanics, epithelial biology and carcinogenesis, microbiology and immunology, sensory neuroscience, and bone biology, craniofacial development and tissue engineering. Students enjoy considerable flexibility in planning their programs to accommodate specific areas of interest. 

Research facilities

Our research facilities are excellent with well-equipped laboratories. The program is centered in the School of Dentistry, which is part of a major health sciences complex. Faculty laboratories are located throughout the University and house state-of-the-art equipment to support contemporary investigations in all of the specialized areas of research.

Core facilities are also available for flow cytometry, genomics, proteomics, capture and analysis of biological images (BIPL), and biomedical computing, to name a few. For translational and clinical research, large patient populations are available for study. Use of experimental animals and human subjects in research requires IRB approval in advance.

Degree options

Degrees awarded in the Graduate Program in Oral Biology are conferred by the Graduate School. Individual programs of study are subject to the requirements of the Graduate School. 

Three degree options are available:

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