Writing Enriched Curriculum

The Division of Dental Hygiene intends that graduates will be able to communicate professional knowledge orally and in writing (using the principles of scientific writing) with healthcare professionals and laypersons.


The Division of Dental Hygiene joined the Writing Enriched Curriculum (WEC) Program in 2016, which aims to support the effective and intentional integration of relevant writing instruction in undergraduate curricula.

Writing assignments are threaded throughout our curriculum (including three required writing intensive courses). The faculty in the division believe writing is a learning strategy that develops critical thinking skills necessary for a healthcare professional.

The Dental Hygiene curriculum is designed to give students the tools and resources to develop diverse and relevant writing skills for a career in Dental Hygiene. Some of the writing skills you will develop will include:

  • Employing accepted dental terminology, abbreviations, and acronyms
  • Accurately document findings, data, and observations
  • Writing efficiently in the context of clinical practice
  • Writing in an appropriate scientific manner (concise, conventional, professional terminology, literature-based, follows a scientific process, addresses a research question etc.)
  • Considering the audience and purpose of communication when making choices about language, particularly in interprofessional communication and in communicating with patients

Have more questions?

Reach out to:

Liaison, Miranda Drake: mdrake@umn.edu

WEC Consultant, Dan Emery: demery@umn.edu

WEC Research Assistant, Sheena Harris: harr2204@umn.edu

WEC Writing Awards

Every year, we acknowledge BSDH students that have excelled in their writing during the course of the program. Please see our Publications page for information on the winners and any publications they have published.