About the Program

The Oral Biology Program at the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry was established in 1968.  In 1970, the program was reorganized as the Division of Oral Biology.  The MS and PhD degree programs were established in 1971.  Burton L. Shapiro, DDS, MSD, PhD served as the first Director of Graduate Studies (DGS) from 1971-1980.  In 1979, the division was reorganized into the Department of Oral Biology.  In 1988, the School of Dentistry underwent a major reorganization and the department became the Department of Oral Sciences.  In 2005, the School of Dentistry again underwent a major reorganization and the department was renamed as the Department of Diagnostic & Biological Sciences.  The Graduate Program in Oral Biology (OBIO) is currently housed within this department.


Director of Graduate Studies

Kim Mansky, PhD

Assistant Director/Program Level Coordinator

Ann Hagen

Steering Committee

David Bereiter, PhD
Mark Herzberg, DDS, PhD
Eric Jensen, PhD
Kim Mansky, PhD, ex officio
Wei Zhang, PhD