Welcome to your externship with the University of Minnesota Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Department

We are happy that you have chosen to spend a week learning more about our incredibly diverse and challenging specialty. Please be advised that our externship program is on a weekly rotation and will include Monday-Friday on any given week.

Requirements for the Rotation: 

  1. Scrubs and Dress clothes (business casual).

  2. Log-book; Digital or otherwise, to record what you observe and a place to write questions.

  3. Timeliness; being late or leaving early is disrespectful to the faculty, residents and staff. 

  4. Appropriateness; There is a hierarchy within training programs, please recognize and understand that the mission of the faculty is to treat patients and teach residents and that is the main focus of the program. You are an observer and should expect to function as such. 

  5. Computer; You will be required to present on a topic at our weekly didactic session. So having your laptop with you will be a necessity. 

To ensure that we maintain patient care as our top priority, educate you as much as possible, and maximize the education of our other residents and students, we would ask that you adhere to the following instructions: 

  1. Arrive on time on the first day. You will be assigned a resident who will be your guide for the week. You should touch base with your assigned resident about what time you should arrive every day. 

  2. Monday morning the residents will have a discussion with you about their expectations for you when you are following them. If anything is unclear, you should clarify this with the residents.  

  3. In general, when you are in the clinic, we will have you follow the first or second year resident so you can see what it is like to be an intern in this program

  4. You are encouraged to  check with the Chief Resident or Attending faculty member on whether you may scrub into surgeries in the OR. We invite you to attend surgeries, but not all surgeries are conducive to an extra set of hands. We have TV screens so you can view the surgical site.  

  5. You should follow the resident you’re assigned to/the attending faculty into the rooms in the clinic and the hospital. We do not expect you to see the patients first. Absolutley no talking while in a patient room with residents or staff. 

  6. You are expected to attend morning rounds in the hospital. Once again, make sure to check with the residents on what time they would like you to be available

  7. Find appropriate times to ask questions. You may have a lot of questions, and that is great. We welcome questions when we are not involved in direct patient care or at critical points in the procedures. Please save your questions for breaks in patient care or at the end of the day. Please avoid asking questions around patients who are awake. 

  8. Your responsibility is to observe and learn. If we ask you to assist, it is wonderful if you can help out if you are comfortable with this. Often, we will have our trained surgical assistants helping us to keep our clinic flow efficient. 

  9. The OR is a different environment than the clinic you have likely been exposed to. Please avoid touching anything unless we ask you to help. Please remember that the instruments are under the charge of the scrub tech/RN and that touching them may create challenges for them doing their job effectively.

  10. Attitude and etiquette, these two items will allow you to get much more out of your rotation

    • Keep your phone on silent and away from sight. If you are not interested in clinic and are spending time on your phone you may be asked to leave and not return. 
    • Showing interest in the patients and procedures is a must. If you do not want to watch or participate then do not sign up for this externship. We cannot provide patient details to you. It is your responsibility to learn about the patient and procedures being performed. Your assigned resident can point you to appropriate resources. 

The outline of a typical week is as follows: 

Monday: Please report to the resident room at 7:30 AM and introduce yourself.  This is a clinic day, mostly procedures performed under sedation and some consults

Tuesday: Clinic and OR day, we alternate Tuesdays in the OR and when not there we have a busy clinic load of patients. 

Wednesday: Clinic, Cleft and OR; typically this is the busiest OR day. It is also the day that the Cleft lip and palate clinic is held. You will probably be in the OR but if not you are encouraged to attend the Cleft lip and palate clinic. 

Thursday: Clinic in the morning is procedure and post-op heavy. In the afternoon the residents have their didactic session. This is an important day and you will be required to present on a subject of your choosing. This lecture should be 15 minutes long and presented in a power-point format. 

Friday: Clinic day; depending on the day this may be quite busy with Dr. Swift patients. His patients bring a unique set of problems and surgical issues. With his blessing you may participate in his clinic. 

Important Information: 

Clinic phone: 612-301-2233

Address: 515 Delaware st SE, 7-174 Moos Tower, Minneapolis MN, 55455

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