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This section contains the procedures to gain access to clinical systems, remote desktop access and make project and data requests.

Clinical Application Access Request

Clinical Application Access Request

axiUm, MiPACS, Dolphin, ViewPoint, iCat, CareStream (Kodak), Outreach, Oral Pathology all starts here.

Step 1: Collect the required account information

All Users:

  • FIrst Name
  • Last Name
  • Employee ID
  • Start Date
  • Equivalent User OR Notes describing access required

Additional Info Needed for Faculty/Residents:

  • NPI Number
  • Type of Dental License
  • License Number
  • Credentials (i.e. DDS, DMD, RDN, etc...)
  • Practice (SOD, FPC, UMP, GPR)
  • Department Phone Number
  • Primary Clinic

Step 2: Complete the Clinical Applications Access Request Form

Please note: Access cannot be granted by Dental IT until HIPAA training is complete.

Step 3: Wait for an email from

Access should be granted within three (3) business days if all of the requester's information and HIPAA training is up-to-date.

Access Termination Request

Request termination (select Remove User in the Access Operation drop down). If the request is urgent, call 6-3506 or stop by at 16-205 Moos.

Remote Access

Remote Access

Accessing Dentistry Applications outside the School of Dentistry

Step 1: Sign the HIPAA Remote Access Agreement

  • You will receive a confirmation email from in a few days with your Windows AD username and password.
  • If you have previously submitted a request for remote access but still cannot access the Remote Desktop, please email and do not resubmit the form.

Step 2: Follow the corrcet guide for your device

Step up your device using a guide below. Log in once your receive your remote access username/password from




Username and Password:

Project Request Process

Project Request Process

Project Management Approach

SOD-IT has adopted agile project management methodologies. This means we accept work that we will accomplish into smaller increments of time to consistently deliver value to our end users. Every two weeks we accept deliverables into the sprint from the backlog of approved projects. Every two weeks, we will update the deliverables being worked on in the current sprint, and will provide information on any changes in the sprint updates section. If you have any questions about our project management approach, please reach out to Jaquelyn Archer

Project Request Process

For all project requests (including custom reports) please fill out the below project request form. It can be completed in an Adobe document and emailed to, or be completed online. Once a project is requested, SOD-IT will evaluate and provide a high level overview of time, cost and feasibility to leadership. School leadership will have final say on if a project will or will not be accepted into the project queue. SOD-IT will also work with leadership to order the work based on priority and impact to the school. You can review the status of a project request below.

Online Project Request Form

Project Reqeust Form (Adobe)

Data Request Process

Data Request Process

The School of Dentistry recently partnered with the AHC-IS Privacy Office and University Information Security to develop a new Data Request Process.

The new procedure covers all requests for clinical data (i.e. data housed in axiUm, MiPACS, Dolphin, paper charts, etc.) Dental IT will review the request and determine if this is something we can quickly pull (Info Manager) or if it is a custom report (Project). 

Option 1: Research Data Request Process:

  1. Requester submits request via the Department of Infomatics (CTSI) Project Request procedure.

Option 2: Operational Data Request Process (data required to support SOD operations):

  1. Requester completes the Data Request form (select "Other" and provide details
  2. Dental IT emails the Requester to fine-tune the data requirements
  3. If approved, SOD executes the query and distributes the data via Box (if you do not have Box, please follow this guide.)

Thank you for your assistance.

Dr. Paul Olin and Paul Andersen