Dentistry Leads program comes to a close

Congratulations to the Dentistry Leads cohort on successfully completing the Dentistry Leads program! The Dentistry Leads program, provided by the University of Minnesota’s Leadership and Talent Development office, assisted 16 School of Dentistry faculty in developing leadership skills, capacity, and readiness to better position themselves to take on larger leadership roles and effectively address departmental challenges.

Program activities included classroom learning, networking events and group discussions. Participants also completed a series of assessments as a key tool in their leadership development and had the opportunity to meet with an internal coach to build a personal development plan based on the assessments and individual professional goals.

Through the program, participants increased their self-awareness and understanding of leadership behaviors, improved their resilience when facing complex demands, expanded their peer support network and elevated their awareness of university services, programs, and resources for leader support.

We thank the Dentistry Leads participants for their commitment and dedication throughout the program:

  • Dr. Elham Akhlaghi
  • Dr. Susan Buck-Wischmeier
  • Dr. Massimo Costalonga
  • Dr. Laurence Gaalaas
  • Dr. Thorsten Gruenheid
  • Dr. Oana Ivan
  • Dr. Jacqueline Medina
  • Dr. Estephan Moana Filho
  • Dr. Mary Owen
  • Dr. Natalie Peterson
  • Dr. Carmen Real
  • Dr. Elise Sarvas
  • Ms. Danae Seyffer
  • Dr. Jeffrey Stefani
  • Dr. Erin Westmeyer
  • Dr. Wei Zhang

Here is what some of our participants had to say about their experience…

“With the fast pace of our lives and careers we are not always provided the opportunity to reflect and simmer on what we are doing, where we are going, and to get a starter recipe for how to get there.  The Leads program provided a structured, but not confined program to work through how we interact, perform, and provide leadership; with the goal of defining our style and skill set to be as effective as we can be.  It was an incredible opportunity to interact with cohorts in the SOD that we may have had little interaction with before; to build relationships and share ideas with the goal of improving ourselves and the SOD along the way.”

"The Leads Program clarified my priorities and plans for the future in Academia"

“Leadership development is essential for the continued success of dental education. The College LEADS Program at the School of Dentistry provided me with feedback and skill set to enhance my contribution to our mission. I am excited to apply what I learned in our Pediatric Dentistry Division.”

“The program offered an invaluable opportunity to build relationships and tackle challenges with faculty from areas outside my routine work and expertise.”

“Through lectures, case studies and active group discussions, the SOD Lead program provides a thinking toolbox that entails key concepts and principles about creating an inspiring vision, decision-making, critical reasoning and effective communication.”

Dentistry Leads
Congratulations to the Dentistry Leads cohort on successfully completing the Dentistry Leads program and making time in their busy schedules for leadership development!