Jorge Perdigão named Century Club Professor of the Year

Jorge Perdigão, DMD, MS, PhD, was named the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry's 2015 Century Club Professor of the Year on April 29, 2015. The award is the school’s highest honor and is presented annually to one faculty member in recognition of outstanding service as a teacher and for significant contributions to the education, research and service mission of the school. The award was presented at the dental school's Celebrating Dentistry reception at the St. Paul Hotel, held in conjunction with the Minnesota Dental Association's Star of the North Meeting. Dr. Perdigão joined the School of Dentistry in faculty in 1999 and is a professor in the Department of Restorative Sciences, Division of Operative Dentistry.

Dr. Perdigão is an internationally expert, known for his research of new dental materials focusing on issues related to dentin bonding and composite resins, and for excellence in clinical, classroom and continuing education teaching. Highly respected for his clinical skills and his command of evidence-based concepts, he is both prevention minded and committed to minimally invasive dentistry. His students give him standing ovations and he’s the go-to-guy for colleagues and professionals around the world, respected both for his passion for research, the high standards he holds for himself, and for his willingness to share all that he knows. He is an educator who relates well to all of his students, and a mentor with a unique talent for allowing students to develop independence. 

Dr. Perdigão also is a prolific lecturer and publisher, presenting more than 140 times around the world and authoring more than 100 scientific articles, plus book chapters and a text book. He’s held a variety of editorial roles and has been a consultant for several manufacturers worldwide in the development of new adhesive dental materials. He’s also a consultant to the ADA Committee on Scientific Affairs, the FDA Dermatologic & Ophthalmic Advisory Committee, and is currently a member of the AADR Edward H. Hatton Awards Committee. In 1993, he received the Microscopy Society of America’s Presidential Award. 

Dr. Perdigão is the 48th recipient of the School of Dentistry’s Century Club Professor of the Year Award which was started in 1967 by (then) Dean Erwin Schaffer. He will be recognized again at a celebratory dinner for all past Professors of the Year later this year, and will lead the processional of faculty and School of Dentistry graduates into Northrop Auditorium at the School of Dentistry’s Commencement Ceremony on May 13, 2016. 

Also recognized at the event were recipients of the School of Dentistry Alumni Society’s (SODAS) Distinguished Alumni AwardsDr. Michael Zakula was recognized as the SODAS 2015 Distinguished Dental Alumnus, and Kim Johnson was recognized as the 2015 Distinguished Dental Hygiene Alumna.

Century Club Professors of the Year

  • 2015 Jorge Perdigao DMD, MS, PhD
  • 2014 Jill L. Stoltenberg RDH, RFDH, MA
  • 2013 Muriel Bebeau MA, PhD
  • 2012 Mark Herzberg DDS, PhD
  • 2011 Raj Gopalakrishnan BDS, PhD
  • 2010 Mansur Ahmad BDS, PhD
  • 2009 Michael Rohrer DDS, MS
  • 2008 Maria R. Pintado BS, MPH
  • 2007 Joel D. Rudney MS, PhD
  • 2006 Bryan Michalowicz DDS, MS
  • 2005 Ralph DeLong DDS, MS, PhD
  • 2004 William Liljemark DDS, PhD
  • 2003 Larry F. Wolff DDS, MA, PhD
  • 2002 Edward C. Combe PhD, D.Sc
  • 2001 James Q. Swift DDS
  • 2000 Kathleen J. Newell RDH, MS, PhD
  • 1999 Nelson L. Rhodus DMD, MPH
  • 1998 Ramesh K. Kuba BDS. MSD
  • 1997 Karlind T. Moller MS, PhD
  • 1996 Ronald E. Geistfeld DDS
  • 1995 James L. Baker DDS, MSD
  • 1994 *Greg R. Germaine MS, PhD
  • 1993 Michael J. Till DDS, MS, PhD
  • 1992 William H. Douglas BDS, MS, PhD
  • 1991 Heddie O. Sedano DDS, Dr. Odont.
  • 1990 Bruce L. Pihlstrom DDS, MS
  • 1989 David O. Born PhD
  • 1988*Andrew Morstad, Sr DDS, MS
  • 1987 Burton L. Shapiro DDS, MS, PhD
  • 1986 Bashar Bakdash DDS, MPH, MSD
  • 1985 Anna T. Hampel DDS, MSD
  • 1984 *Leslie V. Martens DDS, MPH
  • 1983 Dwight L. Anderson MS, PhD
  • 1982 *Allan D. Peterson DDS
  • 1981 *Norman O. Holte DDS, MS
  • 1980 Daniel E. Waite DDS, MS
  • 1979 *Lawrence Meskin DDS, MSD, MPH, PhD
  • 1978 *Carl J. Witkop, Jr DDS, MSD, MPH, PhD
  • 1977 *Erwin M. Schaffer DDS, MS
  • 1976 *James R. Jensen DDS, MS
  • 1975 *Robert J. Gorlin DDS, MS
  • 1974 Frank W. Worms, Jr DDS, MSD
  • 1974 *James O. Beck DDS, MSD
  • 1973 *Mellor R. Holland DDS, MSD
  • 1972 Carl L. Bandt DDS, MSD, MS
  • 1971 T. Michael Speidel DDS, MSD
  • 1970 *Leon Singer MS, PhD
  • 1969 Robert J. Isaacson DDS, MSD, PhD
  • 1968 *Ambert B. Hall DDS

* Deceased

Jorge Perdigao named 2015 Century Club Professor of the Year
Dr. Jorge Perdigão (center) was named 2015 Century Club Professor of the Year