School News

Earl S. Weber, DDS

In 1915, historian Carter G. Woodson and minister Jesse E. Moorland founded the Association for the Study of Negro Life and History, now known as the Association of African American Life and History. In 1926, this association sponsored a national Negro History Week, which occurred the second week in February, the same week of Abraham Lincoln’s and Frederick Douglass’s birthday. Then, in 1976, President Gerald Ford officially recognized Black History Month.

Give Kids a Smile

A winter tradition at the School of Dentistry, Give Kids a Smile brings student and faculty volunteers together to provide free oral health care to children in need throughout the community. The February event not only gives children much-needed treatment, but also connects families to a home for regular oral health care.

But, like so many other things, the pandemic forced a change of plans. Thankfully, however, the Give Kids a Smile organizers have been planning for this possibility since last fall.

Uncovered: Minnesota's Dental Emergency

“What would it take to make dentistry painless for all Minnesotans?” asked the narrator of a TPT documentary that aired this weekend.

Uncovered: Minnesota’s Dental Health Crisis documents the breakdown in oral health in the state and explores the role of Critical Access Dental providers in delivering preventive and emergency oral health care to Minnesotans on Medicaid and without insurance.

The documentary, produced by AppleTree Dental, features expertise from Director of Dental Therapy Karl Self, DDS, MBA, among others.

Judith Buchanan in laboratory

Judith Buchanan, PhD, DMD, MS, Emeritus Professor in the Department of Restorative Sciences, passed away on Wednesday, January 13, 2021.

Among her many accomplishments, Dr. Buchanan was the School of Dentistry’s first female Interim Dean. Her tenure was lasting and her impact continues to be seen on the School of Dentistry to this day.

Michael Brooks, DDS

It’s hard to imagine anyone further removed from his childhood than Michael A. Brooks, Jr., DDS ‘13.

Grand Rounds

“When we know better, we do better.”

Evan Lonning, MS, LPCC, mental health clinician at Boynton Health, summed up the intent of a Continuing Dental Education webinar on LGBTQ+ inclusivity in healthcare.

The January 20 webinar kicked off this year’s Digital Grand Rounds series, set to focus on issues of diversity, equity and justice in oral and overall health.

A Message from the Dean

A message from Interim Dean Keith Mays, DDS, MS, PhD to the School of Dentistry Community

Integrity begins with you.

I have a niece who thinks she is my daughter and forces me to check in with her when traveling. Don’t tell her, but I like that part of her. She and I regularly text one another, and some time ago she responded with “SMH.” I had to visit the urban dictionary.
“Shaking My Head.”

Digital Grand Rounds

A series of webinars held by the School of Dentistry’s Continuing Dental Education department will examine dental research and practice in the context of key diversity, equity and justice issues. The free series, open to the public, will host three webinars throughout the Spring semester. 

2020 Admissions

After the initial shock of shutdowns brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, as students adjusted to their new way of learning and communities rallied to safely support one another, the School of Dentistry’s admissions team faced a massive challenge: 

How do we complete over 200 student interviews? 

With hard work and flexibility, the Office of Admissions and Diversity put together a seamless interview process--which may have contributed to the over 40% increase in dental school applications from the previous year. 

Give to the Max 2020

Give to the Max Day saw a record-breaking turnout for the School of Dentistry this year, raising $34,500 for the school.

Despite hardships brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, Minnesotans came together for the 12th annual statewide event to raise $30 million—the highest total in the event’s history.