Prepare a Proposal Routing Form (PRF)

If you have questions about the PRF or would like assistance in preparing it, please contact Jane Franklin at If you would like to complete the PRF yourself, you can find it by going to the Electronic Grants Management System (EGMS) home page, clicking “EGMS forms” and then clicking “Make A Request."

About the Proposal Routing Form

Sponsored Projects Administration (SPA) uses the Proposal Routing Form (PRF) to gather information about your proposed research project and to make sure that your research is conducted in accordance with university policy. Your department and school also use the PRF to review your budged, planned effort and research needs. Completing the PRF helps SPA set up your project when it is awarded so that spending can begin sooner. Reviewing your PRF also helps your department make sure that they can provide the support you need for your project.

Information needed before you begin

  • Final budget dates and totals
  • PA/RFA number
  • Submission instructions (if not a proposal)
  • Study codes for any already-approved human or animal studies
  • Department ID number
  • Sponsor's Indirect Cost rate (unless submitting to NIH)
  • Chart field string for any unpaid (cost-shared) effort
  • Names of ALL signers from all departments and schools, including department heads, research deans and any other required signers. Your co-investigators do not need to sign. Your co-investigator's grants management staff will have this information.

Some useful tips for filling out the PRF

Proposed Duration and Amount Requested

Screenshot of Proposed Duration and Amount Requested portion of PRF

Screenshot of Departmental Directions to SPA for Award Set Up section of PRF

Screenshot of F&A Rate portion of PRF

  • Select "SPA should request a PS-friendly budget from the department at the time of award"
  • F&A Rate (Indirect Cost Rate) is 51% for NIH proposals; check the sponsor's instructions for other rates
  • Select MTDC unless your funder provides less than 51%. If so, select “Other” and "F&A requested is the published rate of a governmental or non-profit sponsor". Select "back-up has been/is being provided with proposal." When submitting proposal to SPA, include the proposal instructions to show the sponsor’s indirect cost rate.
  • If F&A rate is not 51%, include a short explanation in the comments box.

Research Questions 13a - 13h

Screenshot of Human Subjects section of PRF

Screenshot of Animal Subjects portion of PRF

Screenshot of Recombinant DNA section of PRF

Screenshot of Radioactive Materials section of PRF

  • 13a - Visit the Institutional Review Board page for information about IRB review of human subjects research. If you need IRB approval but do not have it yet, check "pending". No funds can be disbursed until your project is approved.
  • 13b and 13c - Visit the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee page for information about IACUC review of animal subjects research and custom antibody use. For animal subjects research, if you do not have IACUC approval or your approval is not current, check "pending". No funds can be disbursed until your project is approved.
  • 13d, 13g and 13h - Visit the Department of Environmental Health and Safety page for information on infectious materials use, radioactive materials and chemical use. Remember that radioactive materials use includes X-ray machines and other less-obvious equipment.
  • 13e - Visit the Embryonic Stem Cell Research Oversight Committee page for information on stem cell research. If you do not have ESCRO approval for your project, check "pending". No funds can be disbursed until your project is approved.
  • 13f - Visit the Institutional Biosafety Committee page for information on use of rDNA, infectious agents and biological toxins. If you need approval but do not have it yet, check "pending. No funds can be disbursed until your project is approved.

Indirect cost recovery (ICR) sharing

Screenshot of ICR sharing portion of PRF

Indirect costs are the additional funds provided by the funder over and above the direct cost of the research. The F& A rate provides the percentage used to calculate this amount.

If your proposal contains more than $100,000 per year in direct costs, brings in at least $1000 per year in indirect costs, and involves more than one college, your ICR will be shared. If your proposal is smaller, academic units may still choose to share ICR. If you have questions, contact your grants management team.

For most proposals, you will select either "ICR revenue will not be shared" (if your proposal is small or does not involve multiple units) or "ICR is required to be shared", followed by "By separate budgets" and "Budgets will be provided at time of award".

Cost sharing

Screenshot of Cost Sharing section of PRF

If you include unpaid effort on an external proposal, that effort must be cost-shared - that is, your department will be funding your time rather than the project sponsor. Your department accountant will be able to provide a chart field string to include in this document, but your chair will ultimately need to approve the cost-share when he or she signs the PRF.