John Kanyusik, BS, DDS, MSD

  • Adult Orthodontics: 30- to 45-minute lecture
  • American Board of Orthodontics (ABO) and ABO Examination preparation: 60- to 90-minute lecture
  • Anterior Interproximal Reduction: 30-minute lecture
  • Autotransplantation: 60- to 90-minute lecture
  • Cephalometric Superimposition: 30-minute lecture (ABO Superimposition video – 30 minutes)
  • Cervical Vertebral Maturity Index: 30-minute lecture
  • Controversies in Orthodontics: 60- to 90-minute lecture
  • Functional Appliances with emphasis on Activator/Bionator Orthodontic Treatment: 60-minute lecture
  • Headgear Orthodontic Treatment: 30-minute lecture
  • Health Volunteers Overseas: experiences in Vietnam, Moldova, Tanzania, Nicaragua, & Nepal: 30- to 45-minute lecture
  • Impacted Canines            : 45-minute lecture
  • Interceptive Orthodontics: 45-minute lecture (also in Spanish)
  • Orthodontic Archwire Selection: 60- to 90-minute lecture
  • Orthodontic Diagnosis & Treatment for a General Dental Audience: 60- to 90-minute lecture
  • Orthodontic Elastics: 30-minute lecture
  • Orthodontic Exams, Consultations, and Post-Treatment Consultations: 30-minute lecture
  • Open-Bite: 30-minute lecture (also in Spanish)
  • Orthognathic Surgery: 45-minute lecture
  • Practice Transitions 60-minute lecture
  • Relapse and Retention: 60-minute lecture
  • Risk Management Through Practice Management (Doctors): 45-minute lecture
  • Risk Management Through Practice Management (Staff): 30- to 45-minute lecture
  • Some Closing Thoughts on the Beginning of Your Careers in Orthodontics: 30-minute lecture
  • What is New in Orthodontics: 30-minute lecture

Dr. Kanyusik's lectures can be adapted to specific needs and time allowances.

All topics would be of interest to orthodontic specialists.
*Selected topics would be of interest to general dentists.