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The Division of Dental Therapy is working to improve oral health care delivery by educating dental therapists in a team-based environment and by advancing the profession of dental therapy.

DT studentsWe promote the growth and development of the dental therapy program and profession through knowledge building and dissemination. These collaborative efforts are designed to increase the acceptance of dental therapists as members of the health care team.   

Dental therapy in Minnesota

A dental therapist is a licensed oral health professional who practices as part of the dental team to provide educational, clinical and therapeutic patient services. Dental therapists provide basic preventive and restorative treatment to children and adults, and extractions of primary (baby) teeth under the supervision of a dentist. Dental therapists work primarily in settings that serve low-income, uninsured and underserved populations or in a dental health professional shortage area.

In 2009, Minnesota became the first state to establish licensure of dental therapists, with the primary purpose to extend dental health to underserved populations. This legislation created two types of dental therapists: Dental Therapist (DT) and Advanced Dental Therapist (ADT). The scopes of practice of these two provider types are very similar; the major difference lies in the level of supervision.

To learn more about the Minnesota Dental Therapy Legislation and the DT/ADT scopes of practice, please visit the Minnesota Board of Dentistry webpage.

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We're located on the East Bank of the University of Minnesota’s Twin Cities campus. We look forward to hearing from you! For questions related to the program, or admission to the program, please contact dtinfo@umn.edu.


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