Campaign priorities

Driven Dentistry

Student Support

Fueling the passion of tomorrow’s dental professionals

There is a growing need for oral health professionals in our region, and scholarships play a critical role in our ability to attract and educate the next generation to serve our communities. Scholarship make is possible for passionate students from all backgrounds to attend the School of Dentistry, to focus on their studies once they are here, and later to practice where their passion takes them. The cost of a dental education can be a significant barrier to coming to the U. Many of our best candidates with financial need choose other schools that can offer them more scholarship support. New funding for scholarships will make a significant difference in the lives of future practitioners.

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Advancing Research

Driving innovation in dentistry

It’s a given that a premier dental school like the University of Minnesota’s excels at educating students and treating patients. But as the state’s land grant institution, we also have a special obligation to build on or powerful research mission to advance the profession by discovering and sharing new evidence-based knowledge with students, residents, and practicing dentists to improve care for all. Complex research, rising costs, and dwindling NIH grant support makes it challenging to fund critical research initiatives. To continue investing in the areas of our greatest research strength and impact, we need philanthropic support from our generous alumni and community partners.

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Digital Dentistry

Ensuring excellence for tomorrow

The practice of dentistry is going increasingly digital. From scheduling and patient records, to imaging, impressions, and fabrication of restorations and prosthetics, advances in digital technology are enhancing the dental team’s ability to provide optimal care for patients.

To prepare students to excel in this increasingly digital age, the School of Dentistry must fully embrace a curriculum that enables students to learn and practice using the latest tools and technologies – the kind they will be using when they go out into our communities to provide the highest level of care.

With this campaign, we seek to harness the generosity of industry partners and philanthropic supporters to enhance our ability to prepare students for practice in the digital environment.

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